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Build a relationship with top influencers to represent your brand in a big way.

Brands who want to grow need to be talked about, and it isn’t enough to just have company social media accounts. BrandBridge is a community through which you join and link with a vast network of influencers with the kind of reach that can help your brand connect with millions of new customers in a meaningful way. You need trusted, curated influencers on your side, that you can grow a  true partnership with overtime. We deliver substantial increases in engagement and awareness, along with rich analytics to track your social growth.


Businesses & Brands

Look at this as a subset of your already existing marketing budget.  Get started right now with as little as $5 with a local influencer in your target demographic area.

Select who will share your story. Do you want them to have local/regional or national reach? Tap into our influencer network. Select relevant influencers who have a direct connection with the right audience for you, whether in your city of operation or maybe a future location, and integrate your brand’s message through organic content.

See the results. Watch the power of your campaign with real-time analytics.

Influencers & Social Celebs

You’re well-respected on social media. Join BrandBridge’s community and we will help you connect with companies to build lasting partnerships.

Do what you do best. Create organic content that you believe in. You’re in charge of which companies you want to work with. Select those who offer products and services in line with your personal brand, and spread their message to your followers in a way that doesn’t seem gimmicky or pay-to-play.

Get paid for your influence. Your influence is an asset, and we will make sure you get what you deserve, again and again.

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