The BrandBridge Foundation

100% of the profits of BrandBridge are donated to the BrandBridge Foundation (BBF). The BrandBridge Foundation provides funding in support of entrepreneurs and small businesses through its community, educational and professional partners.

The BrandBridge Foundation also invites start-ups and small businesses to apply for funding assistance through its Business Growth Program. Each year, the BrandBridge Foundation invests in select start-ups and small businesses to aid them along their entrepreneurial path. Fill out the preliminary questionnaire to the right to see if your business qualifies to apply for funding.

Did you know?

BrandBridge is a business community where Influencers are paid and brands are made. Unlike similar companies, we cater to small, medium and large companies with affordable marketing plans. BrandBridge is the most efficient and economical way to market, whether you’re a brand, a company, a charity or any entity that wants to get the word out on a product or event.

Why brands love it.

From YouTube celebrities to Media Mavens, BrandBridge connects you with powerful influencers engaging anywhere from 10,000 to tens of millions of followers each day. By entering into a campaign agreement with one of our influencers, you can have them Instagram your latest product, create videos on YouTube, or Snapchat your brand to their loyal following using an arsenal social media tools.

Why influencers love it.

BrandBridge helps curate partnerships, connecting mavens like you with companies aligned with your same brand, message and ideals. Your new corporate partner wants to organically advertise their products to real people, just like you. Sign up today to start new partnerships and earn money off of the content you already distribute.

Start-Up Questionnaire

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